The Happy Tudor is a design & lifestyle blog written by Adam and Amber Ford, a husband and wife team living in Knoxville, Tennessee. The pair live in their 1940 Tudor, their first home, that they have been carefully designing since May 2016. During the day, Adam works as a band director while Amber works as a Public Health Educator and Registered Dietitian. Adam is also a photographer and shoots the vast majority of the photos you see here. Amber loves all things food and cooking and even attended culinary school in the evenings while earning her master’s degrees in public health and nutrition. We love to learn, are always seeking new opportunities for growth, and can’t wait for you to join us on this journey as we detail the process of renovating our 1940 Tudor, along with our life in the home. Join us as we dive into design, travel, food, and all things life. You can also follow along on our Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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