Happy Friday!

What are your weekend plans? Adam is recovering from his first week of band camp for the summer, and we’re enjoying a visit from my mom and grandmother, which means a visit to our favorite local ice cream shop!


Summer bug bites got you down? This stuff works wonders. Natural but also very effective!


Have any of you seen the New Southern design series by Alyssa Rosenheck? Each week she’s highlighting designers redefining Southern style, and I’m so excited to follow along!


Summer seems full of gatherings with friends and family, and I loved this list of simple food stations that can be thrown together and casual while also being interesting.


We were so excited to get this lovely piece of artwork in the mail this week. It’s going to be such a great addition to our guest bedroom. Angela Simeone has some wonderful, interesting pieces if your looking to add to your art collection or have some space to fill.


How pretty is this bathroom? A floating sink that also has space to set out all of your stuff.


Are you reading any good books? Pulling together a home office moodboard  this week has me in the mood to curl up and read. This book has been on my to-read list for a while. It looks fascinating.


This looks like the perfect space to get all of that reading done!


May you have a weekend filled with joy and rest. If you need some help in the relaxation department, this might help you out.




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