We’re Back!

Though I am thankful, this year has been crazy already and we are just now hitting summer! With time off in the summer and a bit more time to think, reflect, and take on fun projects, this is us officially trying to get back in the swing of things on here and social media.


We truly love sharing in this space, but often struggle with the time and amount of energy it takes to realistically produce truly great insight and resources. We are not into generating content for content’s sake. If this means our growth and reach looks a little different than others, then so be it. If this means that we end up not sharing for a couple weeks or event months, then so be it. Though we really miss this space when we have to step away, moving at our own pace and learning to trust that we are ultimately where we need to be is one of the greatest gifts. Amber and I have never seen blogging as our primary profession or interest. We have always been much more interested in the process of design and actually creating something. Blogging is something we enjoy, but ultimately only when we really have something to say. However, I have mentioned a couple times and really mean it that I would like to get better at sharing the process of our projects and happenings as I always find those so informative (even if my favorite part is always the final reveal).


So what have we been doing?


Working. Amber and I both have full time jobs outside of this (that we LOVE) and sometimes, life happens and it gets away from us. For those of you that didn’t know this about us, this is actually one of our goals this summer, to answer some questions and let you know a little more about us and what we do.


Gardening. A LOT. We have planted HUNDREDS of plants, worked outside almost every single weekend since February, and even convinced my brother that we were using gardening as a fake excuse to get out of hanging out! haha Don’t worry, he realized this wasn’t true when he actually came over and saw everything.


Styling/ Photographing/ Design Work. Though we aren’t currently taking on any major interior projects on our own home (thank goodness!), we have still been busy styling and photographing spaces for local designers and architects. We have also been establishing relationships with a couple new potential clients. We are hoping to spend some of this summer and upcoming fall to get started on and finish up some design projects for new and old clients, which we couldn’t be more excited about!


Planning. All of these things involve a tremendous amount of planning, a process I generally enjoy. We also have a trip coming up to France that, though exciting, has taken a great deal of planning.


Coming soon!


My personal hopes for the summer are to rest, renew, and simply enjoy being.

A post with more personal information about who we are and what we do.

Posts with all our garden projects and happenings.

Multiple reveal posts (from our home and others).

Trip to France!! We will do a round-up and travel guide from our time in this beautiful country.


Any other ideas or things you would like to see here or on Instagram?

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