Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


I’m not the best gift giver. I can think of things all year long I should get someone, but the second a gift giving occasion arrives, I totally draw a blank. Some of the hardest occasions are those that sneak up on you like Valentine’s Day, which somehow is now under a week away! In case you’re looking for a gift for a special someone, friend, or yourself, I wanted to share a few things that might spark some ideas.


Fun earrings. Adam actually got me a pair similar to these for Christmas, and I’ve already worn them countless times. What doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day like heart or flower shaped earrings?


Recycled glass tumblers. I love how simple and delicate these are. They’d pair great with a favorite bottle of wine,┬ákombucha, or other beverage of choice.


Cozy pajamas. The best gifts are those that enable comfort. I’m very cold natured and sleep in the long version of these and look forward to wearing them each night.


Colorful bed pillow. It’s hard to go wrong with scallops and a romantic blue and white pattern.


Hand painted vase. The flowers would be the second best part of this gift!


Fresh candle. Brooklyn Candle Studio makes some of our favorite candles. This one is also nice.


Luxurious skincare products. If a face oil is not your thing, this moisturizing lip tint or hydrating face polish are also great options!


Massage or facial appointment. The only thing better than new skincare products is having someone else put them on for you!


Relaxing lighting. I’m so intrigued by this new light from Casper that’s supposed to make falling asleep and waking up more pleasant.


Potted bulbs. Bouquets are nice, but the flowers fade all too soon. Giving a living plant like potted tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths from your local nursery allows the beauty to last a little longer and even make a return in years to come.


New digs. It’s hard to go wrong with clothing from a favorite brand. My choice would be a lovely dress from the Gal Meets Glam Collection.


For non-material options, a sweet gesture like taking on additional unenjoyable household tasks, making a favorite meal, a heartfelt note, or just making time for a long walk or other favorite activity together can go just as far. Whatever your day may look like, I hope it holds something special!

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