A Timeless Office Inspired by the New York Public Library

Each time we have visited the New York Public Library I have been completely captivated. There are so many things to love and see about this space, and I find it flooding my thoughts for days and weeks to come after each visit. The beauty of this space is undeniable, and the fact that it functions as a public building that everyday people can use in present day to me is so intriguing. On our most recent visit, I tried to take in all of the design elements that give it the classic, grand yet approachable vibe.

Several elements really stood out to me. Number one, the lighting. I’m pretty sure half of the photos on my phone from our trip are of each and every light fixture in this space. These lights are gorgeous, bold, and timeless. I’m more convinced than ever that lighting is an investment that can really make a space. Another design feature I noted was the materials used throughout the space: marble, wood, and metal. Durable materials that age well and give off both warmth and sophistication. Lastly, there is such softness incorporated into the space through the countless murals, paintings, and natural stone hues. This softness mixed with the rich wood and bold metals creates such wonderful balance.

Since we can’t seem to get this gorgeous building off our minds, we thought it would be fun to translate our inspiration from this space into an office moodboard that could bring a bit of that inspiration home. In pulling this together, we sought classic furnishings and lighting with obvious craftsmanship and a timeless quality. Antique elements like in the desk chair we chose give off that feeling that the space has been used by many over the years, and the soft blues in the rug and painting echo the feeling given off by the library’s beautiful artwork. We kept the color palette neutral and rich from the natural elements and brought in a few colorful tones with the textiles and artwork. Last but not least, you can’t forget a library cart for storing your books and files. What could feel more like a library than that? Just like we saw on our visit, functional elements can still be beautiful!




Pendant light/ Painting/ Rug/ Brass pencil holder/ Marble tray/ Desk lamp/ Desk/ Desk chair/ Clock/ Leather chair/ Side Table/ Library cart


Do you have any places that inspire the design choices in your home?

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