Summer Skincare Routine

Anybody else have an overabundance of cucumbers right now? I love cucumbers, but with the quantity I’ve had coming in from our garden and CSA, I’ve had to get creative with how to put them to use. It’s no secret that cucumbers are a common skincare accomplice, think bright green slices atop the eyes of most every person pictured in stock spa photos.

The truth is cucumbers really do have a lot of skin benefits, largely from the caffeic and ascorbic acids that help with inflammation. Inspired by the cooling and calming properties of cucumbers, we put together a soothing, summer skincare routine that uses common kitchen items with similar benefits to those cooling cucumbers. Your sun-exposed skin will thank you!

   You’ll Need:

     -Face brush or your favorite exfoliator

     -Gentle cleanser

     -Cucumber, ¼ medium

     -Oats, spoonful

     -Plain yogurt, spoonful

     -Honey, spoonful

     -Green tea and/or chamomile tea bags

     -Essential oil like lavender, tea tree, frankincense, etc. (optional)

     -Small glass spray bottle

     -Coconut oil or your favorite light-weight moisturizer

Cucumber mask:

This mask combines fresh cucumbers, yogurt, oats, and honey to create a nourishing and calming blend that leaves your skin soothed and brightened. It’s not the most attractive, but it gets the job done.

  • Split the cucumber and remove the seeds with a spoon

  • Dice and add 1/4 of the cucumber to a small food processor or blender

  • Spoon in the oats, yogurt, and honey

  • Blend until smooth (about 30 seconds)

  • Strain (optional)

Calming Tea Face Mist:

Green tea and many herbal teas like chamomile are loaded with antioxidants and have a soothing effect on the skin. Turning them into a cooling face mask is both easy and cost effective.

  • Brew 1-2 tea bags (I used green tea and chamomile lavender) in about 6 oz of water

  • Add to a small amber spray bottle

  • When cool add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I added frankincense since it’s supposed to brighten skin.

  • Refrigerate and try to use within a week

Steps to a Soothing Skincare Regimen:

   One: Dry brush your face in gentle circular motions.

   Two: Cleanse your face with your favorite natural cleanser.

   Three: Dry your face and apply the cucumber mask. Let sit for about 5 minutes.

   Four: Rinse with warm water.

   Five: Spritz with tea mist.

   Six: Moisturize with a bit of coconut oil or your favorite gentle moisturizer.


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