Summer Yard Games

Although this past weekend had a twinge of fall in the air, I know we still have many weeks of summer remaining. One of our favorite things about moving from our apartment to a house is the yard and the ability to easily spend time outdoors. We’ve been slowly stocking up on outdoor games to help us make even more use of our outdoor space and to motivate us to get outdoors.

It’s been so nice to have these around when friends are over or when we want a break from working inside. We often bring them out to play while talking over design decisions. It helps us get out from behind our computers and reframe our thoughts if we’re feeling stuck on something. We got a few of these as house-warming gifts, and we’d definitely recommend giving these to others as gifts or as an inexpensive purchase for yourself. Most of these are minimal in terms of the amount of space they take up and are easy to take with you elsewhere.

Since we’ve become such big fans, we wanted to share a few of our favorite outdoor games and some we hope to add in the future. While we love them in the summer, they’re also nice to have year-round.


Washers: We love cornhole but didn’t want to find the space to store the boards, and they can be a bit heavy to drag in and out. Washers is a game with a similar premise that takes up a lot less space and is very lightweight. My dad made a set for us, but you can also buy a set pre-made. To distinguish the washers, we drew different designs with a marker, but you can also paint them.


Spike Ball: I bought 20 of these for an elementary school for work, and when the sets came in, they looked so fun. My brother-in-law got us one as a housewarming gift, and we play all the time. We also have competitions to see how long we can keep the ball in the air. We’re super cool, I know.


Croquet: I remember loving this as a kid, and it hasn’t disappointed. We have a lot of trees and hills in our yard, which makes for interesting courses. One nice thing about this game is that you can play it with a wide range of people.


Bocce Ball: We don’t own this, but I feel like it would make me feel so European. I remember watching people play in the parks in Paris and thinking it looked so fun. I don’t think I’d look nearly as regal playing as they did, but it’s worth a shot.


Ladder Toss: I’d only ever heard this called hillbilly golf, but apparently its official name is ladder toss. I find it pretty addictive and way harder than it looks.


Badminton: This is takes up a bit more space than we probably have to store, but I’m tempted to find the room. Adam and I have always loved tennis (even if I was last on the team in high school- it was still fun!). Badminton has a similar but slower-paced feel.

Happy summer! What are some of your favorite games?



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