Summer Essentials

Summer is definitely one of our most beloved seasons! The sense of freedom, long hours of daylight, and summer foods like fresh watermelon and tomatoes are hard to beat! Here we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite items that help make summer even more enjoyable. When it comes to goods like these, it’s really important to us that they are ethically made whenever possible, safe for our skin and the environment, and just downright nice to look at. What summer essentials help make your summers even sweeter?

Black Swimsuit / Sunscreen / Face Sunscreen / Blue Swim Trunks / Huarache Sandals / White T-Shirt / Turkish Towel / Sun Hat / Glass Water Bottle



Hackwith Crisscross One Piece: I’m a huge fan of one-piece swimwear, but finding a great one-piece can be much harder than it should be. I’ve tried on my fair share in the past few years, and when I recently ordered Hackwith Design House’s Crisscross One Piece, it was such a relief. It’s well made, adjustable for your body type, and covers just enough to feel comfortable without feeling frumpy. Plus, all of their pieces are made in the USA!


Blue Lizard Sunscreen: We started using Blue Lizard sunscreen a few years ago when we saw it on one the Environmental Working Group’s list of their favorite safe sunscreens. It’s very effective even on my super fair skin. The bottle also turns blue when in the presence of harmful UV rays, which is a great reminder to slather up.


Beauty Counter Sunscreen Face Stick: I’m about as fair-skinned as they come. Something I’ve learned to embrace and recognize is that my skin needs more protection than most. I love how the small, compact nature of this stick means that I can always have it with me in case I wind up in the sun for longer than expected. Beauty Counter’s commitment to safe yet effective and high quality products makes them one of my favorite brands.


Swim Trunks: Ask Adam his favorite color and without hesitation he’ll immediately reply “cerulean.” When we found these cerulean swim trunks last year, it was a match made in heaven. He loves both the cut of the trunks and the lightweight material.­­­


Nisolo Huarache Sandals: Taking long walks together is one of our favorite pastimes, and when we choose places to travel, we always try to select places that are very walkable. Therefore, it’s important to me that the shoes I choose be both comfortable and durable. I recently got a pair of sandals from Nisolo, and I’ve worn them almost everyday. They certainly live up to the standard of comfort and durability while being stylish and ethically made. We love that Nisolo is based out of Nashville!


Everlane White Tee: We both love our Everlane white t-shirts, and they see even more use in the summer months when they can be thrown over a swimsuit or dressed up with jeans. Some of our favorite styles are: Men’s Cotton Crew, Women’s U-Neck, Women’s Box-Cut.


Turkish Towel: We’d never really had towels set aside to use for the beach and pool, and when we recently purchased these Turkish Towels from Turkish T, it felt so nice to have towels dedicated for this purpose. These towels are super soft and large enough to use for a simple beach mat or easy picnic blanket.


Straw hat: A few years ago, we spent the summer in Savannah, GA while I was completing an internship. There are few places I’ve been that have felt so idealic. The Southern summer charm was palpable, and it seemed every female we passed was donning a sunhat that fit the scene. Adam got me this hat from Gordin Bros Hat Shop as a birthday gift while in Savannah, and I was hardly without it the entire time we were there.


Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle: Here in Tennessee, it gets HOT, and staying hydrated is a constant battle. The Lifefactory 22 oz water bottle is great for toting everything from cucumber water to homemade watermelon juice, and the fact that it’s dishwasher safe makes it so much easier to keep clean for continued use.



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