Summer Days out Back

One of our favorite pastimes this summer has been spending as much time as possible in our back yard, both on our screened-in porch as well as in our garden. It is such a quiet respite to enjoy just after the heat of the day breaks as the sun begins to set and the cotton candy skies integral to Tennessee summers come to life. We often spend evenings pruning, watering, and reading on the porch. It’s not uncommon for us to eat almost every meal outside over the summer and to invite friends over for dinner, games, and great conversation. All the work pulling the back yard together has allowed it to function exactly how we had hoped and isn’t that what design is all about? We will pull together a full back porch post once we feel it is more finished (is it ever?) and we are ready to share, but for now, I wanted to give you a taste of our summer and maybe even evoke feelings that you are here with us, too.

Happy Summer!

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