Spring Essentials


Spring is finally here, ya’ll!!!! For me there is no bigger anticipation all year than that transition from drab winter to life-filled spring, and while there may be a chance of snow here in Knoxville tomorrow, I can still rest easy knowing that spring is officially here and that cold days will soon be behind us. At the start of each season we like to pull together a list of some of our favorite essentials for that season. Summer was filled with swimsuits and water bottles to encourage hydration, and fall was all about warm, cozy hues and goods. We switched things up in winter by using our holiday gift guides to share favorite goods for the season, but no other essentials list all year long is quite as cheery as this one. I feel like my excitement for spring is fully embodied by the florals and outdoor gear embodied by this list. Just looking at this collage makes my heart so happy.


Everlane Silk Button-Up: A light-weight top in the loveliest blue hue. I was wearing this shirt in Chinois Green recently and someone remarked how I matched our kitchen cabinets exactly. What can I say, it’s a good color! This blue is also quite cheerful.


Pinstripe Napkins: To brighten up any table! I love scale of the ones pictured, but these are great too!


Tasty Olive Oil: To drizzle over crisp spring vegetables!


Market Cooking by David Tanis: To provide inspiration for utilizing fresh veggies that will soon be in abundance.


Ceramic Flower Frog: To display spring blooms!


Rose Soap: This beautiful French soap helps bring those floral scents indoors!


Blush Sneakers: For those long walks you’ve been dreaming of!


The Cutest Easter Serving Bowl: For making you smile every time you look at it. Confession, I have an unusually strong affection for Easter decorations. While I am normally not much of a whim purchaser, this bowl stole my heart.


Sturdy Garden Tools: To help get started on spring planting.


A New Coffee Table Book: To impart floral arranging wisdom and to add some color to your living room.


A Simple Outdoor Pillow: To make spending time outside even more enticing.


A Subscription to the Gal Meets Glam Dress Collection: So you’ll know as soon as these perfect spring dresses hit the shelves!

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