A Simple but Special Valentine’s Dinner at Home

Most years, Adam and I would rather avoid the long restaurant lines and Valentine’s hullabaloo and, instead, spend the evening at home. That doesn’t mean it can’t be special or that it has to take that much extra work. In case you’ve waited until the last minute (like I have) to give your Valentine’s Day plans some thought, I wanted to share a favorite menu for two and some ideas on how to add a little pizazz to set it apart from your typical dinner at home.


Valentine’s Menu

In addition to sticking to simple recipes, another easy way to cut down on the work involved in cooking is to use one primary cooking method. Most of the recipes for this menu involve roasting, which means you can throw everything in the oven and relax until it’s done.




Making It Extra Special



Fancy Prints: Home Love Network recently launched a monthly printable club that would be perfect for evenings like this. This month’s printable selection is all about love and V-Day. You can quickly print off cards, signs, and more that can add something special and can be printed right at home. Each month is $5, but the first month is free.


Candles: Candlelit dinners really do feel so special. In addition to creating ambience, they also help minimize distractions (like the pile of dirty dishes in the sink) and help focus on being in the moment.


Add Some Tunes: Whether you’re into over the top love songs or just want something cheery, streaming a playlist or popping in a favorite CD takes almost no work but can have a big payoff.


Play a Game: We love would you rather questions, and they can really help steer the conversation away from work and daily stresses. You can come up with your own or use a list like this one.


Save Dishes for Another Day: It is Valentine’s Day after all. Dishes can wait until tomorrow.


However you spend the day, I hope you have a happy one!

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