Shopping to Go: Lovely Art

Adam and I spend and inordinate amount of time admiring art online and, when possible, in person. It really does have the ability to make or break a space, and when you find a piece that speaks to you, it can bring such joy every time you glance at it. Art is a personal thing, and I find that even my own art taste evolves over time and with the seasons. It’s much moodier in winter and much brighter and more cheerful in summer. Over the years, Adam and I have improved in our ability to choose pieces that we don’t tire of and that better fit with our design aesthetic. While we occasionally find a piece and just know it’s for us, we’ve gotten better at giving pieces time and reevaluating down the road how we feel about them. Sometimes we love them just as much as we did the first time we saw them, and other times we appreciate them but no longer feel a pull to add them to our collection.

Because we enjoy finding new artists and pieces so much, we wanted to share some favorites with all of you in case you’re wishing to add to your own collection. Last fall, Adam shared 10 black and white drawings from around the web, and today I’m sharing pieces of various mediums, styles, and price points. Do you have any favorites from this list or other pieces you’re eyeing?

1. Kayce Hughes: Adam LOVES Kayce Hughes. Her pieces are so fun, colorful, and full of personality.

2. Jennifer Arment: I love the movement in this piece. She has a number of interesting prints and originals.

3. Randal Ford: Looking for an unexpected statement piece? His animal prints are a great option.

4. Stella Maria Baer: Probably best know for her moon and planet paintings, Stella is majorly talented. I’m constantly amazed by her ability to add such detail and depth to something so simple. We have a print of her Apocalypse Moon and love it.

5. Renée Bouchcon via Gregg Irby Gallery: While her pieces seem to sell out quickly, they’re worth keeping an eye on. Beautiful, soft, and colorful mixed media pieces.

6. William McLure: Also known for his interior design, he creates some of our current favorite abstracts. Bold, beautiful, and neutral.

7. Lulie Wallace: Pure embodiment of the color and life found in Charleston. She creates wonderful fabrics in addition to her paintings and prints.

8. Clare Caulfield: When Adam first found Clare’s Etsy shop, we both fell in love! Her illustrations are so playful and full of color!

9. Angela Simeone: Nashville based mixed media artist and painter, she has a terrific selection of abstracts. We recently purchased one for our guest bedroom, and it added so much to the space!

10. Wickstrom Studio: We have an oil painting from this shop in our breakfast nook, and it’s one of our favorite pieces in our home. Terrific selection of oil paintings.

11. Wickstrom Studio: In addition to oil paintings, this Etsy shop offers some great charcoal sketches. We have two subway scene sketches that are a great option when you need to bring a bit of life to a random corner.

12. Charish: Charish offers a great selection of vintage pieces like this fabulous 1940s gauche still life that I would gladly make space for in our home. Love, love, love!

13. Anuar Patjane Floriuk: We have this photo in our bedroom, and it’s utterly mesmerizing. 2015 National Geographic photo contest winner.

14. Karin Olah: We had the pleasure of seeing some of her mixed media pieces at the Corrigan Gallery in Charleston. The fabric adds terrific texture and pattern, and her pieces come in a range of sizes. I’m especially drawn to her small works.

15. S. Moore Studio: In addition to the color and boldness of her pieces, I also really love that this artist is a fellow Knoxville resident. #themakercity


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