Shopping to Go: Cozy Throws

I am an extremely cold-natured person, and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t sit around dreaming of the cold, dark days that start setting in this time of year. However, they are unavoidable, and there are aspects of the darker, colder days that are enjoyable. One thing that makes them better is knowing that you have a nice cozy throw blanket waiting for you at home. I LOVE a good blanket, and we have some pretty intense fights over here at the Happy Tudor about who gets to curl up with our favorite throws. We’ve purchased a few more throws over the past few years to make sure there are enough to go around, but in my opinion, you can never have enough. Today, we’ve rounded up some of the coziest throw blankets out there. When looking for a new blanket, I try to find those that are made to last for years and that are made from natural materials.

Snowe Home Throw Blanket: This luxurious, static resistant blanket blends cashmere, merino lambswool, and silk and really seems like the ultimate blanket.

Tangerine Wool Throw: A good price and a great pop of color, this blanket would be a great addition to help beat the winter blues.

Oceana Cotton Throw: I love the softness of cotton and the deep color this navy throw brings.

Grey Alpaca Throw: “Crafted from wonderfully warm and fluffy Alpaca, this Throw is like a sweater for your sofa.” Need I say more? It also comes in tan.

Heavyweight Cotton Blanket: Made by the family-owned Maine Heritage Weavers, the heaviness of this blanket would be a welcome addition to those cold nights.

Newport Linen Throw: The subtle pattern of this lovely throw adds a touch of sophistication.

Laguna Linen Throw: Adam and I have a linen throw from this company, and we love it! It’s so soft and comfortable and is a nice weight if you don’t want anything too heavy.

Fringed Cashmere Throw: I’m heavily weighing buying this classic throw. It comes in two-toned varieties of cream, taupe, or grey. We’ve loved all of our Snowe Home purchases, and I’m sure this would be no exception.






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