Schoolhouse Electric Fall Favorites

Is anyone else drawn to certain brands/companies in different seasons? For example, my visits to the Serena and Lily site increase exponentially in the summer months when I dream only of blue and white. Schoolhouse Electric on the other hand is such a fall and winter obsession of mine. They are masters of that classic, cozy cabin-esc look while still staying simple and fresh. My draw to Schoolhouse during this season has me extra excited for their fall catalog, which is being mailed out this week. We went ahead and took a peak at the new collection online, and it put us right in the mood for fall. Here are some of our favorite looks/pieces.


This pillow is so beautiful! Stripes are always a favorite, and this gives you the option of both horizontal and vertical. It also has a nice worn look to it with faded blue and coral hues. It may or may not have especially caught my attention because it follows a similar color palette as the guest bedroom we’re designing.

One thing I love about Schoolhouse Electric is that, while their pieces are all different, they always feel so interchangeable and that they would complement one another in the same space. Their fall line is full of pops of sage green, which I secretly love. There’s such an earthiness yet brightness this color brings in. I love this pillow paired with the colors in the pillow above.

Again, here we are with separate items working together so cohesively. This tangerine wool throw is such a beautiful color. It would be such a great pop in a neutral space or mixed in with the blues and greens featured throughout the fall line.


A standout of Schoolhouse Electric’s work is the quality of their products. For items you use everyday like these wall hooks (brass, black), you really want them to stand the test of time. While these hooks are simple, they also add interest with their modern lines. We’ve loved the color and natural look of the company’s brass products for quite sometime, but I’m also increasingly drawn to their new black hardware.

Speaking of their black hardware, these towel bars and pulls are great examples of this new line. The black finish of theses options would pop so beautifully against white cabinets and bring in those elements of black every room needs.

Without fail, everyone gets lost coming to our house for the first time. Largely because it doesn’t have a clear house number displayed. There’s no way anyone could miss our house if we added these beautiful, bold numbers. They also come in gold and aluminum if that’s more what you’re looking for.


As is the case for most people, I’m sure, we were first drawn to Schoolhouse Electric because of the iconic look and quality of their lighting. No one really does schoolhouse lighting quite like they do. For this reason, the lighting section is always one of the first places I flip to in each of their new catalogs. The Schoolhouse Electric lights we added to our home are still some of my favorite features. This white pendant feels a bit more elegant than your usual industrial pendant. I especially love it paired with the black doors in the second photo.

Our laundry room/half bath renovation is still a ways away, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream. These wall sconces would be perfect for a kitchen or laundry room where you want something a little more substantial, and they’d definitely make a statement. I can’t decide which of the two colors I like best!

As I mentioned, Schoolhouse’s fall line is full of pops of green. If you’re looking to add a funky element, I think these (pendant, flush-mount) would do the trick. I especially like the idea of these on the exterior of a home.

We can’t leave out some of our favorite black options in the new line. The simplicity and width of the pendant on the left would be perfect over a dining table, while the sconce on the right would be great for lighting the way to an exterior entrance.


My goodness these are beautiful!! It’s no secret that we love ceramics around here and are always on the lookout for beautiful shapes and colors. These cobalt vases by Nicolette Johnson are showstoppers for sure. I ADORE the shapes and texture in each of these, especially the first one. If you’re looking to invest in a new statement piece, I really think this would be something to consider.

We should really get a spoon rest. Maybe then I’d stop either making a mess on the counter or burning spoons by laying them over the tops of our pots and pans. The speckled stoneware spoon rest and crock would be great additions to most any kitchen.

Favorite Looks

For layering in color and texture so well.

For helping us prove that bathroom storage doesn’t just come in the form of a vanity.

For showing the role blacks and neutral play in grounding pops of color.

For being so darn cozy and timeless. Love the sconce placement and color choice.

For reminding me just when I think I’m over these beds how much I love them.


How about you all? Are any new Schoolhouse Electric items making their way into your fall shopping carts?






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