Perfect Pairings: A fresh, neutral space

We decided to pull together a regular series for the blog that entails finding rooms from different homes that would fit great together under one roof. If you design on a regular basis (or even if you just study design), you know how important it is for every room of a house not to feel the exact same but to feel similar enough for them to speak together and communicate the shared design vision for the home. Remember that old saying “brother from another mother?” That’s essentially how this works. We are taking rooms that work together in a complementary way but are from different homes. That’s basically “brother from another mother” in a nutshell right!? Anyway, now that that analogy is behind us, it is actually informative to really analyze what makes a room work design-wise.


For the first post of Perfect Pairings, we bring you rooms that are all calm, collected, casual, and fairly minimal. Each of these rooms also maintain a certain warmth even while employing primarily cool tones. Three out of the four rooms have unusual art placement. We particularly love the placement of art in Mel Burstin’s living room. It doesn’t feel too perfect, but it definitely feels considered and white space is used beautifully.

Each room also brings in similar wood tones that really creates a warmth, particularly in the kitchen and living room. None of the spaces feel too stuffy. Though the kitchen reads a bit more elegant than the other spaces, it still has a casualness to it that fits with the other spaces. It also has the exact same color palette as the living room but is simply reversed with the neutrals serving as layered details and the wood serving as the foundation or back-drop.

Styling the nightstands was a delicate balance between looking too sterile and being too crowded. I ended up keeping it pretty simple by using a tray from <a href=" " target="_blank">Lawson-Fenning</a> to corral everything and a small sculpture by <a href="" target="_blank">Ben Medansky</a> to add visual interest.

While all of the rooms are pretty minimal on color, if there is one color that stands out it would be blue, both bolder and softer hues. This bedroom keeps with the organic, minimal feel with a slight punch of blue. This pop of color mixed with the unique art placement keeps it interesting. We also love the subtlety of the stripe pattern. It leaves enough white space to keep it feeling clean and light while adding in some texture.

A place called Predi Son Jaumell is enough to inspire daydreams of a leisurely bath, isn't it? The Mallorca hotel sets the scene for the perfect mid-vacation soak. 

Technically, this is a hotel bathroom, but it would fit perfectly in a home paired with the other rooms above. Bright and white with plenty of wood tones and natural textures to keep it feeling cozy. Once again, the art has a minimal vibe with plenty of interest to add to the space. We certainly wouldn’t mind spending a weekend away here!


These are some of the reasons we could see these four rooms working beautifully in one home. Do you agree? What do you think about the new series? Any particular style you’d like to see next?

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