Perfect Pairings: A Classic, Monochromatic Townhome

The moment I saw the first photo below, I knew that it was destined for a Perfect Pairings post. For those of you who are new to this series, the idea is that while these rooms are all from different homes and designers, we think they would all live happily together in one home, complementing one another while creating a cohesive look. We’re obsessed with the look of trim, walls, doors, etc. all painted the same color, especially when that color is as elegant as this. For our third Perfect Pairings, we’ve rounded up some other beautiful rooms that fit with this same aesthetic: classic, bold, moody, and lived in. Let’s take a peek.

Gorgeous, captivating photo and space. While my first thought might be that painting everything the same color would cause the woodwork to get lost, I actually think it makes it pop and adds interest in this space. While obviously the moody blue/green is the main color in this space, it also brings in some peachy tones through the aged pages in the books and sofa on the left. We looked for other rooms that reflect or complement this color scheme.

One of my all-time favorite kitchens¬†by Jessica Helgerson. While this is certainly not the most colorful kitchen in the world, it still has that same bold elegance brought in by the black countertops, windows, and leaded glass details. The white cabinetry and tile are a nice rest for the eye from the other rooms but doesn’t feel too light and airy as to not fit with the space.

This lovely, textured dining room by Gill Shaffer III highlights the peach tones further, adding great contrast. We love how this room has woodwork that makes a statement and adds tremendous class.


We loved following along with House of Brinson’s One Room Challenge for this saturated guest bedroom. Again, this room really goes heavy handed with the bold paint color, and we love it. If you look closely, you can see that this decision along with art placement helped camouflage some unused doors. That this guest bedroom is located in a beautiful New York colonial farmhouse makes me want to have the chance to stay a night or two as a guest in this space even more.

Carrying the moody, stately look a bit further, this small bathroom certainly packs a punch, bringing in dramatic lighting, rich flooring, and even more beautiful trim detail.

Another beautiful room designed by Gill Schaffer III, this study incorporates those peachy hues that particularly make a statement given the height of the walls. This warm and sunny space would make a cheery retreat from some of the darker spaces while still maintaining a certain edge and boldness.


I know I’d love to spend a weekend in this classy, intriguing home. Now to just figure out where it would be located. Boston perhaps?



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