Off to NYC!

Today we’re off to New York City!! The last time we traveled to NYC we got engaged, and Adam dragged me the equivalent of 43 blocks through Central Park to find the perfect spot. Needless to say, it was worth it even if I was frustrated at the time. A LOT has changed since then. If you’d told me then that I’d now be married, own my first home, in the midst of a renovation, and starting this site, I’m not sure I could have fathomed it. We love NYC for so many reasons, and we are looking forward to the next few days there.

We tried to pack efficiently since it’s such a quick trip, and we wanted to share a few of our favorite travel items and tips along with some of the things we’re most looking forward to in the Big Apple. It takes a while to find your own packing rhythm, and we haven’t fully mastered ours. However, there are a few things we’ve learned over the years from trips both large and small.

Travel Tips

1. Prepare for cold. Always bring clothes for unexpected cold days (or rooms). Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hard time packing for a climate colder than the one I’m in. So often, I add a few layers that I think will get the job done and immediately regret it when I step off the plane. Recently, I’ve made myself pack a few items heavier than what I think I’ll need, and I most always use them at some point.

2. Save the fun. Don’t bring all of the fun items you’ve been meaning to get to because unless it’s a super relaxed vacation, chances are you probably won’t get to all of them on vacation either. We’ve both been guilty of loading our bags down with a mountain of books, sketchbooks, watercolors, magazines, puzzles, etc. and then toting them around untouched. When we carefully select a small handful of items (a magazine we’ve really wanted to get to and a deck of cards for late nights in the hotel), we always seem to use these items so much more.

3. Stay comfortable. Bring a few comfort items from home. I read a tip a few years ago in the comment section of a blog post about bringing a few of your own tea bags along on trips. It made so much sense. There’s almost always hot water on planes and in hotel rooms, but the tea selection isn’t always the best. I always keep a few stashed in my bag, and it’s such a simple pleasure.

4. Wet Ones. Adam, the constant germaphobe and Boy Scout, has insisted to me for years that Wet Ones are the ultimate travel item. I used to laugh him off as he puts the pouch that seems meant for kids in his bag, but I stand corrected. Despite my skepticism, I constantly found myself sneaking one from his backpack. They are so useful from everything to wiping off your seat tray to cleaning anything sticky off your hands.


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Shoe bag. Adam’s grandmother gave these away a few years ago, and I love how simple and practical they are without taking up much room. I used to stick my shoes in the bottom of my suitcase or scrounge for a used shopping sack to keep my shoes off of my clothes, but now I just keep this in my suitcase and always have something dedicated to that purpose. These could be used for shoes or organizing other items while traveling.

Sound machine. To say that these are a prized possession among Adam’s family would be an understatement. Every bedroom is stocked with at least one, and every guest is offered one of these unassuming sound machines before going to sleep. While they are great on a nightly basis, they are extremely helpful when traveling when noisy hallways and outside traffic can make it difficult to sleep. This particular sound machine is compact and reliable.

Passport holder: Adam got this for Christmas and loves that it is hides his passport and also makes it easy to keep up with boarding passes.

Sea Bands. I get really motion sick, particularly in cars, and I find that these, even though they are certainly not a fashion statement, really do help.

Native Union Charger. Having a longer charger is always a plus, especially when you don’t know where the nearest plug will be in the airport or hotel rooms.

Mophie Juice Pack. This is great for recharging devices when out and about, on the plane, or during a layover. We’re always so impressed with how long it lasts.

Away Carry-on. No doubt you’ve seen these all over Instagram, and we were slow to jump on board. This carry-on holds so much, is very sturdy, and comes with a built in charger. We love it so far!


Looking Forward To

Jack’s Wife Freda: Does this food not look amazing? Plus, the atmosphere looks so fun!

Rizzoli Bookstore: The interior alone has us swooning. Plus, Adam has a weakness for books.

Top of the Rock: Such a classic experience and a great way to get a lay of the land when you first arrive. We are visiting New York with a few friends who have never been, and we can’t wait to see their reactions once they see all of the Big Apple from above!

These are just three places of the many we have on our agenda to hit during our time in the city!

Any other advice you may have? Places you would recommend?

(Photos courtesy of Jack’s Wife Freda, Rizzoli Bookstore, and Hand Luggage Only.)

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