Our Master Bathroom Design Inspiration

Upon buying our home, The Happy Tudor, the master bathroom stuck out as an obvious renovation project. Some of you may recall the before photos from this post, but here they are again in case you missed it.

Before I delve into our inspiration for what we wanted in the bathroom, let’s chat about the things we did not want in the bathroom. We did not want purple walls. We did not want a magenta toilet or sink. We did not want to have a shower only because we both love baths. Lastly, we did not want popcorn ceilings.

Now, for what we wanted.

Perhaps most importantly, we knew we wanted the master bathroom to feel classic. We wanted it to feel fresh and clean while also staying true to the era of the home. Given we both love baths and desired this classic, timeless look, a clawfoot tub seemed like a given. What we loved about this photo was the way the black worked with the warmth in the wood to ground the space while the overall tone of the room still feels bright and airy.

While we love the ceramic tile trend and weighed different options, we ultimately felt that ceramic tile lacked the classic, streamlined look we were going for. One of the tricky things about designing a classic space is that you want the to look like something you have seen time and time again (for a good reason) while also achieving a unique, unseen look. Black and white floors became an immediate, noticeable theme throughout our pinterest board.  We were especially taken with the chic, elegant look of the black floors. Choosing black floors also meant that the pattern on the floor could remain simple while still making a bold statement.

As brass hardware is certainly en vogue right now, we weighed the options of metal finishes carefully. We felt like the spaces where we saw silver hardware kept them feeling timeless and not too trendy. Because of the wood tones already present in our bathroom, we also knew we were not reliant on brass hardware to bring in warmth. Our bathroom is small and storage limited, making us carefully weigh out whether to opt for a vanity, pedestal, or wall-mounted sink. The two beautiful photos above definitely show excellent options outside of the typical vanity.

As we try to bring in only beautiful products that we love, open shelving suited us well and allowed us to style the space to add elements of personality. We pictured the open shelving styled in a minimal, clean way styled with baskets to hide any products we did not want visible.

Lastly, because the trim was already painted in the bathroom and we felt no guilt about keeping it that way, we were free to explore the painted trim route. Warm greys like the one above immediately drew us in with the feeling of sophistication and warmth they provided.


We cannot wait to show you the full reveal of our master bathroom and outline every little detail of the design and the work that went in to the space!


Photos via: Martha Stewart, Decoholic, Tile Mountain, Remodelista, Decor Pad, Airows, Shelterness, My Domaine, Remodelista






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  • Beautiful home!, espically the bathroom. I am going to use similar hexagon tiles on the floor with the subway tiles on the walls . Could you please share what size they are ? And where/ what kind they are? It would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi, Michael! Thank you for your kind words. The hexagonal tiles we used for the floor are the 2 in. glossy black and glossy white tiles found here from Home Depot. The subway tile is 3 x 6 white glossy subway tile we picked up from a local surplus store.