The Importance of Taking Breaks

Hey there! It’s been a while. The past few months have been so busy for us, and while we didn’t intend to take such a long hiatus here on the site, it happened and we just decided to roll with it. Once we were able to let go of some of the guilt of pulling back here and in a few other areas of life for a bit, we realized how needed and enjoyable small breaks like this can be. There are those times in life when you feel like you’re being pulled in a million directions and that it’s all you can do just to keep up. As an introvert who really needs time to reflect and explore passions, those crazy busy times in life leave little room for that and leave my creative juices feeling pretty low. Taking time to retreat a bit to get reinspired and reinvigorated can make all the difference, and our recent break has had us thinking and talking about how important these breaks and introverted time are for us both and about how we can incorporate small bits of this in our lives more often. Here are some things that Adam and I have discussed recently that seem to help provide little breaks.

Getting outside– For a lot of people, winter is their time to rest and take things slow. While that’s true for us to a degree, once spring/summer hit it’s like a switch flips inside of me and all I want is to be outside taking walks, working in our garden, and soaking up the long-missed sun. Once these longer, warmer days arrive, it’s kind of amazing the impact they instantly have on my mood. Over the past few years, we’ve been in the thick of home renovations and other projects that have caused us to miss out on more of our favorite time of year than we would like. So, this year Adam and I made a pact to avoid adding too many projects that cut into this time, and we set deadlines for ourselves to wrap up certain things before our favorite time of year arrives. I’ve already been so thankful for this extra freedom to spend more time outside.

Dreaming– Adam and I have always been dreamers. I’m pretty sure I had at least 10 businesses planned with my playroom arranged into workspaces and offices to correspond with each these businesses before the age of 11. Meanwhile, Adam spent his childhood drawing floor plans for the future homes he planned to design once he became an architect. Our love to plan and dream everything from travel to design together is one of my favorite aspects of our relationship. While we spend a lot time making and executing concrete plans, there’s also fun and value in just letting yourself dream about things that may not even happen. Whether it’s planning our ideal European vacation or dreaming of how we would redesign our living room if we wanted an over-the-top look, dreaming can be refreshing, and it’s worth making time for.

Reading– Sadly, we don’t get to carve out as much time for reading as we’d like. On our recent trip, we didn’t have access to our phones, computers, or TV, and it made me realize how much of the time spent on these devices could be dedicated to reading things that don’t have a screen. There’s something about a book or magazine with tangible pages that just feels so much more relaxing that scrolling on a phone not to mention that it makes you focus more on the task at hand without the distraction of notifications.

Setting Realistic Priorities– Even though we had to cut out certain things over the past couple of months due to lack of time and energy, the sky didn’t fall and the world kept spinning. Going with what feels right rather than what you feel like you should be doing can really take off a lot of pressure, and honestly, just make life a lot more enjoyable. We’ve always loved Danielle Moss of the Everygirl’s perspective that she only blogs when she feels called to and that she embraces the ebbs and flows. Taking stock in our priorities and being comfortable when they change is something we’re planning to make a more mindful effort to do.

While we’ve unplugged a bit, we have still been working hard on finishing up our guest bathroom and bedroom, and we’re so excited to start styling and shooting those spaces over the next month! They’ve been a long time in the making, and it’s been nice to have some time to buckle down and tie up odds and ends to help these spaces come together. We’ve also been dreaming of future travels and are excited to start diving into planning those trips in the coming months. So, stayed tuned for exciting things to come!

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