Holiday Home Tour Part 2 (Our Kitchen and Breakfast Nook)

It’s time for part two of our holiday home tour. If you missed part one where we revealed our holiday living room, you can catch it here. In part two, we are taking you into our kitchen and breakfast nook where a lot of the Christmas magic happens. For our Christmas shoot in the kitchen, we decided to really show you a better picture of how we actually use this space this season. Amber and I feel that the whole notion of design and decor around the holiday season remains centered on how it’s used. Think about all those age-old family traditions centered around the kitchen, from making homemade hot chocolate to baking cookies for Santa and even cooking a big Christmas dinner (and don’t forget the classic Christmas smells of nutmeg and cinnamon wafting from the oven).

Let’s start with our design ideas for the space. We wanted to bring in a bit of a retro vibe by thinking bright, happy, and lots of pastels. Our bottom cabinet color, which is Farrow & Ball Pigeon and is probably the #1 question we get asked on Instagram,┬álends itself well to creating a consistent, pastel color palette as Pigeon has that softer, pastel hue. After deciding on the color palette and overall feel we wanted to bring in to the space, we also knew we wanted to bring in some of the classic elements we pulled into the living room. How does one embrace a pastel color scheme while also keeping it classic? Think oranges, peppermint, pink peonies, and pastel poinsettias. Lucky for us, our favorite Christmas hand soap comes in the perfect retro, pastel pink. We also brought in a pop of red (just as we did in the living room) to provide that extra bit of vibrant Christmas cheer. Those Santa mugs and tea towel are really selling that red.

Who knew peppermint, oranges, and soft pink peonies could look so great together? We got the pink peonies and oranges from Whole Foods, which we were thrilled to find this time of year. Isn’t shooting your kitchen with satsuma oranges a prerequisite for being a designer/interior photographer in 2017? We pulled it off ┬ájust in time for the new year. Can we really be blamed when they look this great!? On a side note, I found this article discussing why we gift oranges at Christmastime to be fascinating.

For the past two years (since we bought our home), we have hosted a Christmas party with some great friends to get together, eat dinner, decorate sugar cookies, and play games by the fire while we laugh for hours. It is quickly becoming one of our favorite holiday traditions. There is honestly nothing better than seeing all the work we put into designing this space being enjoyed by guests in our home. As I mentioned above, we really wanted to show some of the ways we really use our kitchen during the holidays and felt that the aftermath of this party would be the perfect opportunity to do just that. When we woke up the next morning, the light streaming in with the remnants of flour, stacked cookie cutters, and baking utensils strewn about the counters were just so beautiful that it made for the perfect time to photograph the space.

When we lived in Savannah for the summer a couple years ago, we fell in love with Back in the Day Bakery and have both their cookbooks, which is where we get their delicious sugar cookie recipe. For the icing, we use Williams Sonoma’s Royal Icing recipe.

For the breakfast area, we decided to tie in the pastel color palette in the kitchen and the classic look in the living room with a simple poinsettia and a few window decorations. Our poinsettias are from a local nursery, but we found this gorgeous pink poinsettia from Lowes. The tiny trees and “Merry Christmas” sign we have in our window are from Target and fit perfectly with our vision.

We love how it turned out and and have loved spending time in the space during a season reminiscent of holiday memories in the kitchen. What do you think? Are you feeling the retro yet classic inspired look?




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