Holding on to Summer

I look forward to summer every year. It’s such a time of excitement, adventure, and possibilities. The long hours of daylight and warm air give such a carefree feeling, and it always seems to be a season where regular schedules are put aside for fun and spontaneity. Because I love this season and all that comes with it (well, maybe not mosquitoes) so much, I always feel a twinge of sadness when it starts to fade away. This year we’ve pledged to to hang on to that summer feeling for as long as possible. While the days may get shorter and schedules fuller, it doesn’t mean that we have to relinquish all of those wonderful elements of summer. Though Adam started back to school a few weeks ago, which means that our Friday nights are mostly consumed with the football season and marching band, we’ve pushed ourselves to make the most of the time we have off both after work on week nights or on those cherished weekends. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to hold onto that summer feeling, which feels appropriate today given the novelty and excitement brought on by the solar eclipse.

  1. Grab an ice cream. Cruze Dairy Farm’s pop-up shop ends in September. So, we’ll be making plenty of visits until then.

  2. Go for a swim. What could be more refreshing after a long day of work than to take a quick dip in a nearby lake or pool?

  3. Eat dinner outside. Or breakfast. Or lunch…Or dessert.

  4. Take a walk. Even if it’s just around your neighborhood or on you lunch hour.

  5. Ride a bike. Yours, rented, or borrowed.

  6. Visit a park. We visited our newest park, Suttree Landing Park, pictured here last weekend and watched the sun set over downtown. Such a relaxing evening.

  7. Stay up late. Life’s to short to always stick to a bedtime.

  8. Watch a movie. Make it extra special and go to the movies on a weeknight. Our local library shows movies outside on Fridays every fall.

  9. Have a mid-week barbecue. It doesn’t have to be fancy just and excuse to get together with friends and share a meal. We’ve picked up burgers from a favorite restaurant with friends most every Wednesday for the past 3 years, and often, it’s what gets me through the week.

  10. Visit the farmers’ market. Most Knoxville markets last until November, and our favorite summer produce often hangs around until October.

  11. See a concert. On a school night. Get crazy.

  12. Play a yard game. Like those we outlined here.

  13. Make popsicles. I highly recommend watermelon lime.

  14. Get on the water. We saw people kayaking on the Tennessee River on Saturday night, and it looked so beautiful with the lights shining on the water from downtown. I’ve definitely added that to my to-do list.

  15. Take a mini trip. We went to the mountains a few weekends ago and then to Nashville the weekend after. Both were such great resets.

  16. Pack a picnic. Or grab a sandwich and eat it somewhere outside. We love to take them down by the river.

  17. Take a hike. We hiked Andrew’s Bald recently, and it felt so nice to get away.

  18. Open your windows. Nothing like some fresh air to give you that carefree feeling.

What ways to you keep summer alive?



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