The Happy Tudor Year in Review: 17 Memorable Moments from 2017

This has been a year to remember, and we wanted to reflect back on some of our most memorable moments from this past year like starting this site or the trips we took. In making this list, it was hard to believe all of this took place in a single year.

1. Our first snow in our home and our only snow for the year. Crossing our fingers for more snow days this year.

Photo by Jennie Andrews

2. Celebrated 10 years as a couple. Adam and I started dating when we were sophomores in high school, and while we’ve only been married for 3 years, it felt like it would be a shame to not celebrate the 10 years we’ve been a couple. Fun fact, we participated in theater together throughout high school and Adam “asked me out” after a performance for which I was dressed as an old lady- knee highs, wig, aging makeup, and all. That’s true love on his part!

3. Spent our first spring in our house and neighborhood, which does spring so well. It was so much fun to see what flowers would emerge. The previous owner was a master gardener and seemed to love flowers just as much as we do! This photo is of our neighbor’s yard, which provides constant inspiration.

4. Wrapped up our kitchen by installing the banquette my dad built for us.

5. Said goodbye to our makeshift card table and got a real dining table from Vermont Farm Table. Sharing meals with friends and family in this space have been some of our favorite memories this past year.

6. Adam’s photo was published in Vermont Farm Table’s first catalog, which was really special since we so admire their business and since our table is so special to us.

7. Started a container garden that promptly got eaten by squirrels. You live and you learn.

June was a BUSY month. 7-11 all happened in those few short weeks.

8. Adam got a new job, transitioning from the junior high to the high school band director.

9. We had the wonderful opportunity to work with Libby Co. to develop our logo and branding materials in preparation for our upcoming site.

10. We officially launched this site, which had been a goal since buying our home the year before.

11. Our home was featured on the Everygirl, which is a site Adam and I started reading years ago just for the home tours. It was so fun to be added to that list.

12. Took a trip with friends to New York City and walked almost every square inch of the city.

13. Our kitchen and bathroom were featured on Architectural Digest, which Adam and I used to joke about and were so thrilled that it became a reality.

HGTV Urban Oasis 2017 in Knoxville, TN

14. Visited the HGTV Urban Oasis right here in Knoxville, which is an exciting thing for our little city.

15. Took a rejuvenating trip to Charleston, SC and kept detailed notes on the endless design inspiration.

16. Toured the Biltmore at Christmas, which really put us in the holiday spirit.

17. We lit our first fire in our fireplace for our holiday party with friends, which we weren’t able to get around to last year and really upped the coziness of the space.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and we’re so thankful for all of the opportunities to pursue what we love and for all of you for following along. We’re looking forward to 2018 and the projects it will bring like finishing up our guest bedroom, starting a total renovation of our guest bathroom, and new travels. If there’s anything you’d like to see over the next year, feel free to share, and we’ll try to make it happen. Thank you again for following along, and have a Happy New Year!




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