Happy Friday!

How’s your week been? This one seems to have flown by and left me so ready for the weekend! Here’s to relaxation, fighting off a cold, and finding the motivation to finish refinishing the last window in our guest bedroom! Here are a few things that struck us this week!


So fun to see our kitchen on Lauren Conrad’s list of 10 current favorites!


Loved seeing two of Patti Wagner’s kitchens also make the list. We’ve loved her Minneapolis Tudor kitchen for quite some time! Such a sweet feed!


These peach margaritas on Lauren Conrad’s site might be another good use for the pounds of peaches we can’t resist buying from Mountain Meadows Farm this time of year, but who am I kidding? I’ll probably eat them all before they ever get made into something like this.


How amazing is Cynthia Erivo? Some of the most powerful performances we’ve seen in a long time. Solo performance and full cast.


We’ve been planning a quick trip over Adam’s fall break in October. I think we’ve settled on Charleston, but this was really close to convincing us to choose Palmetto Bluff instead.


In the wake of this past week’s events, it can be hard to know how to help. This list of 8 Ways to Help After Charlottesville on Cup of Jo stood out to us.


There are also creative solutions like this one used by a German town a few years ago. That’s one way to bring a bit of light to a not so light situation.


We mentioned a few weeks ago that we’ve been reading The Book of Joy, which records the conversations between Desmond Tutu and and Dalai Lama around joy and love. This quote by the Dalai Lama stood out to me in my reading this week:

“We need unbiased love toward entire humanity, entire sentient beings, irrespective of what their attitude is toward us. So your enemies are still human brothers and sisters, so they deserve our love, our respect, our affection. That’s unbiased love. You might have to resist your enemies’ actions, but you can love them as brothers and sisters. Only we human beings can do this with our human intelligence. Other animals cannot do this.”



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