Happy Friday!


It’s still pretty surreal to think that our home was featured on Architectural Digest’s website a week ago! Such an honor.


What are your weekend plans? We’re taking a day trip to Nashville on Saturday to visit family and stop by some of our favorite places. Like Nisolo and White’s Mercantile.


I always beg Adam to stop here for lunch when we pass through Nashville. Fingers crossed we get to eat there on Saturday. Their Mexico City style chicken tortilla soup and agua frescas are amazing!


We always stop here for the best popsicles I’ve ever had and a quick walk through the park across the street. I’m very restless in the car, and it’s always nice to stretch our legs while eating a raspberry pineapple popsicle.


Adam was told a few years ago that sitting on a towel, cushion, etc. to raise the pelvis above the knees can help with lower back pain while in the car (similar to this). It helps me so much. I’ll even sit on my shoes if have nothing else around and I get desperate.


In the spirit of Nashville, I was recently browsing the rug favorites round-up of one of our favorite Nashville designers, and I loved all of their choices. So bold. Pencil and Paper Co are incredibly talented at mixing bright bold styles in such a fresh, clean way.


Adam has not stopped listening to this soundtrack. Like as in it’s playing as I write this post, and it has been for the past 3 hours. I’ll admit, it is pretty incredible!


Speaking of impressive music, we’re always amazed by Todrick Hall’s 4-part music videos. He just released his 90’s throwback video, and it did not disappoint. I can’t even begin to imagine the time, skill, and effort that goes into these, and that’s not just because I’m still learning to match pitch.


I’m planning a post on table linens in the coming weeks, and I’m intrigued by these linen placemats. Not only are they neutral and beautiful, but they are stain proof!! Yes!!


I hope you all have a wonderful, fun-filled weekend! Can you believe it’s already August? This summer is flying!



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