Happy Friday!

This hit me in the gut this week. Powerful words by Rupi Kaur.


Amber and I have been watching Catastrophe for the last week and are already into season three. It goes by quick, and though it’s sometimes a bit much for us, we have found lots of it hilarious!


Speaking of shows, we are excited to potentially watch this as we have heard great things.


Amber sent me this article this week about why the Easter Island statues were placed where they are, and I find it absolutely fascinating.


Good thing we often forget to drink our tea until it has cooled off! Yikes!


We love following the design of the Kips Bay Show House every year and, based on the designers announced this week, this year will be no exception.


I think Ben Platt is super talented, so my excitement about his new album is no surprise.


Happy Friday!

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