Happy Friday!

If you are in the process of starting some seeds for a spring or summer garden like we are, you may find this seed starting guide helpful.


I’m sure you have seen this dress from the Oscars, but it bears sharing again. So elegant and timeless, just like our favorite interiors.


Speaking of fashion, Amber and I just watched First Monday in May and it I highly recommend watching it if you are into fashion or any high paced industry operating at the highest level. It’s also on Netflix which is even better!


I have been listening to this album on repeat the last two weeks. It feels fresh but also very 90’s.


Though this is technically a candle holder, it has quickly become one of our favorite vases for cut flowers.


Had to order this issue of Veranda as soon as we saw pictures of the featured Mark Sikes project.


This open shelving styling feels perfect, especially for that gray period between winter and spring.


Amber gave me this candle for Christmas and I have made myself wait for the start of spring to burn it. Excited to put it to use in a few weeks.

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