Happy Friday!

I’ve been dreaming of visiting Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA recently, which always makes me think of Lulie Wallace’s wonderful work. In love with her framed silk paintings and, of course, her fabrics.


We seriously debated splurging on this fabric of hers for drapes in our guest bedroom.


Also, Lulie’s home is gorgeous! Designed by Angie Hranowsky, one of our favorites.


I thought this was a great overview of how to start (or improve) a natural beauty routine.


Great sleepwear round-up on Reading My Tea Leaves. Who doesn’t love pajamas? I’m especially drawn to this shop. I always appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness Erin puts into seeking out brands with sustainable practices for series like her minimalist wardrobe series.


Adam is about to start reading this book. It has rave reviews from everyone we’ve seen, and he’s excited to dive in.


Summer is in full force, and it is hot! Planning on turning some watermelon juice into popsicles this weekend. We use our Zoku popsicle maker all summer long. It freezes them in less than 5 minutes! Total instant gratification.


We’re also huge fans of the Zoku slush maker.


As I eat my popsicle(s), I’ll channel my inner Beth Kirby and pretend I’m taking in these beautiful Greek sights.


Have a fabulous weekend!

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