Happy Friday!

Who’s ready for a three day weekend? Me! Here are a few things that caught our eye this week.


In love with the blue detail in this tile work and the whole feed in general.


Love or hate millennials, I found this article very interesting.


How to bring beauty into your home’s most utilitarian spaces.


I’ve really been into pink tone rooms recently and find this bedroom so cozy.


Along the line of cozy bedrooms, we started this board in case we ever decide to refresh our own bedroom. Loving all of layered looks.


Love this lampshade!


How to start a dinner club.


I always get nervous about washing heavy winter coats for fear of ruining them, but I just followed this guide for my wool coat, which now feels like new.


Being married to a band director, I hear a wide array of music. This particular recording from 1938 is one that has always unexplainably mesmerized me. Ever since I heard it a few years ago, I haven’t really been able to get it out of my mind with it popping up at the most random times like this week, and I wanted to share in case anyone else finds it equally as enchanting.

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