Happy Friday!

Did you all see the new video created by Ann Street Studio!? I think the world of Jamie and her creative work, but her Instagram stories with behind the scenes footage of how it was all shot literally blew my mind in the best way! You are in luck if you missed it because she saved it to her highlights.


Can you imagine attending this party to celebrate the restoration and reproduction of the hand painted wallpapers of de Gournay found in Houghton Hall?


Have any of you ever heard of code switching? I hadn’t until this week and I find the concept fascinating!


This home presents a beautiful example of painted floors.


We saw A Simple Favor last weekend and, though it was not quite what I expected, it has been a movie that has stayed with me in different ways throughout the week.


House of Brinson recently shared a recap of their last One Room Challenge and announced that they will be participating in the next One Room Challenge which has me all kinds of excited!


Fall weather seems to finally be settling in and I encourage all of you to get your own Everlane sweatshirt. I love how comfortable and simple it is!


Happy Friday!

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