Happy Friday!

This week flew, but I’m not complaining. Looking forward to seeing a movie, visiting the farmers’ market, and just taking it easy. Hope you all have a lovely, laid back weekend!


Well, this may be the cutest video I’ve seen in a long time. So precious!


Reese Witherspoon’s new book, Whiskey in a Teacup, just came out this week, and it is so charming with so many beautiful photos and spot-on depictions of the South.


Speaking of Reese Witherspoon, this Mindy Kaling pun gets me every time.


The beloved paint company Farrow and Ball just release 9 new colors! Do you have a favorite? Really love the schoolhouse white.


In other Farrow and Ball news, I just found out that Anthropologie sells a selection of their paints and wallpapers. So convenient!


Love this fall outfit so much! If only it wasn’t still near 90 degrees here. Though, I know I’ll miss it come winter.


It seems to be a week of new releases. I also love these new autumn fabrics from Fermoie. They have such bold yet understated colors.


If you’re in the need of a quick read or listen that makes the case for the importance of nature in society, here it is.


Our favorite local bookstore is expanding! In a time when digital devices are all around, this makes my heart so happy. Yay books!

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