Happy Friday!

I always love the regularly updated collection of favorites by Pencil and Paper Co, especially the furniture favorites. Such fun taste.


These guys snuck a fake poster of themselves into McDonald’s to make an important point. Love this, especially after seeing the wonderful Crazy Rich Asians last weekend.


Speaking of Crazy Rich Asians, these are the real crazy rich Asians. Such another world.


In love with this overnight bag. Love the steel blue option.


How America uses it’s land. That’s a lot of golf courses, and it’s kind of mind blowing we use more land to feed livestock than to feed people.


Millennial Apartment Bingo. Made me laugh but so spot on.


I’m not a huge Halloween person, but this photo has me so excited for fall and Halloween. So quintessential.


I always find it a challenge to find work pants I like. Leave it to Cup of Jo to pull together such great recommendations.


While our weekend will largely involve mulching our newly plant flowerbed, I plan to dream that I’m spending it in this adorable outdoor space.

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