Happy Friday!

Yay for the weekend! After a long rainy week, I’m excited to have a few days off at home.


We HAVE to visit this shop the next time we’re in Nashville. I love it all.


Such beautiful and classic kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Can’t wait to see how House of Brinson uses them.


The art of stacking books.


Speaking of books, how do you feel about hanging art on the front of bookshelves? This example makes a pretty good case for it.


We just booked a few days to Savannah, GA in October, and I’m so excited. In searching for hotels, we came across this jewel that is just as pretty on the inside as I remember it being on the outside. We’re not staying here, but we may have to take a peak inside.


Zucchini season means zucchini bread. Just tried this 100% whole wheat recipe and will be adding it to our list of summer regulars.


Just got this book on layered gardening, and I’m getting so inspired.


Gorgeous breakfast nook! That light fixture!


This linen throw is my go to for summer naps. The ocean color is my favorite!

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