Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you, but we’re so glad it’s Friday! Adam is wrapping up band camp, which has entailed 15 hour days each day this week. So, our plans mostly just include relaxing and slowing down. With as hot as it’s been, it would be nice to go for a swim here. What are your weekend plans?


Don’t forget to share your favorite design books here by midnight for a chance to receive a copy of Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style by Mark Sikes.


This has been such a wonderful book so far! So deep and insightful but also humorous.


Do you ever wonder what makes certain clothing items end up with the “dry-clean only” tag and if you can ever get away from not following that rule? This was an interesting read.


This little girl really is on fire. So good!


I broke our French press this week and am on the hunt for a replacement. I wouldn’t mind looking at this model out on the counter each day.


Looking forward to getting some flowers at the farmers’ market this weekend from our favorite local flower farmer as a celebration of making it through a long week! They are so knowledgeable and kind, and we love their flowers. Exhibit: A, B, & C


We have benches from livenUPdesign in our entryway. They make custom furniture covered in the fabric of your choice, and they have made so many beautiful pieces. I’m in love with this one.


How pretty would it be with this quilt!?


It’s tomato season, which means pasta! The contrast of the tomatoes would be so beautiful on this charcoal platter.


Have a wonderful, sun-filled weekend!

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