Happy Friday!

Love when guys are included in things like this.


Fun botanical prints that could help nicely fill out an empty wall.


Got my first GMG dresses in the mail this week, and they are lovely! This one may be my favorite!


Love this light. It’s especially beautiful in this space.


Strawberry season is almost here, and every year I commit to making a strawberry pie but wind up eating too many before I have enough to make them into anything more. Maybe this year is the year to try out this simple recipe. Then again, they’re pretty good on their own too.


We shared some photos this week from a kitchen we had the honor of styling and shooting recentyl. Having such great bones speaks to the value an architect can add to a space. The architects behind this kitchen, Open Door Architecture, have a new e-courseĀ Old House, Open Kitchen if you need some direction in your own kitchen endeavors.


While I don’t know that we’ll ever be able to use them in our house, I really love black and white diamond patterned floors. This blurry photo really caught my eye this week, and I think it really shows the statement these floors can make.


If you’re in Knoxville, don’t miss the Dogwood Arts Festival on Market Square this weekend! I look forward to this festival all year!


We discovered this brand of woven art and jewelry there a few years ago and alway love finding new favorite makers each year. Like this one from last year.

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