Happy Friday!

Interesting read. “That’s all.”


I feel like I keep seeing this cookbook pop up everywhere. Looks like a good one to add to a cookbook library.


Affordable, compact outdoor dining set. The bistro set is nice too.


I’ve really loved the chance to work outside in the yard over the past few weeks, but my eczema doesn’t seem to love it quite the same. Interested in trying this from First Aid Beauty.


When I haven’t been outside, I’ve been obsessively researching examples of cottage gardens to aspire to and mostly saving them here.


Also, if you have never visited Gardenista, I highly recommend it. It’s a great site for outdoor advice and inspiration.


Love how cheery this kitchen feels (and the built in shelves to the left of the stove).


This fun laundry room corner¬†also by the above designer might motivate me to do laundry more frequently…but probably not.


Cute dress.


Have a great weekend!

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