Happy Friday!

The Oscars last weekend has us wanting to watch this documentary that won the Oscar for the best documentary.


Got this book in the mail and have been too busy to sit down with it yet. I did take a quick peek though, and it’s going to be good!


Eyeing this book and plan to preorder. For those of you who regularly follow our Friday links, you know we love her work.


We have binged watch the whole season of Queer Eye and Jonathan has us dying laughing every episode.


Though I was loving the warm weather we were having, it is now really cold again and it kind of has me wishing for this.


Everything about this Paris apartment is amazing. I love how elegant yet unassuming everything feels at the same time.


YES to this x 1000!!


Anybody else love a good canopy bed? I feel like it is an introvert’s dream.





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