Happy Friday!

How’s your week been? Adam and I got two unexpected snow days, and it was AMAZING. Having that extra time at home was great to plan for the year, get some projects done, and spend more time debating painting our dining room trim.


We absolutely adore the work of architect Gil Schafer, and he and the designer of my favorite room from his last book are speaking in Nashville in February! I am so pumped!


Are you a midcentury fan? The execution of Mandy Moore’s midcentury home by Sarah Sherman Samuel has been flawless! They’re in the final stages, and I’ve loved following her Instagram and Insta Stories!


These vintage photos of Martha Stewart modeling blew my mind. Get it Martha!


Adam and I have this charming documentary on our “to watch” list. Maybe this weekend?


Dry skin got you down? Adam got me this for Christmas, and I’m really loving it. Made in Nashville.


Pretty knives. Don’t you just love when everyday objects bring beauty into a space?


I pretty much live in my Everlane cashmere sweaters this time of year. They recently added a new color, lavender. What do you think?


Beautiful note to end on.

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  • Glad to hear you love Gil Schafer’s work — I got his newest book for Christmas and I haven’t been able to put it down! Cold weeks like this make me wish I had a room like that cozy den in his house in Maine.

    • What a great Christmas gift! We’re obsessed with his work and are right there with you about wishing to spend some winter days in his Maine house. It’s so cozy while also feeling light. If you don’t have it, his first book is equally as great. When we went to Charleston, we walked everywhere trying to find one of the houses featured in that book. Well worth it!