Happy Friday!

We recently did a post all about Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultraviolet and I recently came across this room that nails the whole purple thing.


I have been seeing some fabulous library spaces pop up on Instagram recently. Some of my favorites have been this, this, and this.


Recently came across the work of Allison Cosmos and am so glad I did! Look at this!


I am also loving all the canopy beds I have seen recently and this is perhaps my favorite.


I am currently reading Bunny Mellon’s biography and cannot put it down! I highly recommend it!


Rita Konig is designer we recently came across that has quickly become one of our favorites! Check out her portfolio here.


We have heard great things about this movie, and I love the soundtrack. We are hoping to see it this weekend!


Happy Friday! For those of you who get MLK day off, we hope you enjoy your three day weekend!


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