Happy Friday!

We recently went for a tour of the Biltmore to see it all decorated for Christmas, and it was truly magical. If the above photo of the library doesn’t convince you, then perhaps this will.


Mari always nails it and I relate to so many of these experiences in this post.


I have spent the last several days designing our upstairs bathroom, and it has been blissful. As we are really going for a classic feel, I have been using Gil Schafer’s books as constant references. If you don’t have his two books (this and this), then literally run to get them! They would make great Christmas gifts, too.


I have literally seen this space EVERYWHERE the past week or two, and for good reason!


This before and after by Jersey Ice Cream Co. is sheer perfection.


Love the idea of constantly growing and learning. What a great article about learning in 2017.


If you are a procrastinator in wrapping Christmas presents like us and are looking for last minute wrapping inspiration, we are loving this if you are looking for something classic, this if you are looking for simple and organic, and this if you are looking for something completely different.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a very merry Christmas!


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