Happy Friday!

Thought we have every day: can Jessica Helgerson do any wrong? Based on this, I’m going to go with no.


Did you catch the peek into the home of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent via Architectural Digest? The kitchen is incredible!


I love this so much. Definitely goals for when I am older.


I always long for winter destinations during the winter. Do you do that or is it just me? This doesn’t help.


Speaking of winter destinations and based on this, London seems to really get Christmas right.


For some reason, I gravitate toward reading mysteries around the holidays, and I love my new book.


Amber’s been reading this and LOVES it! Each chapter is only a couple pages, which makes it move very fast-paced.


What are your weekend plans? We’re visiting the Biltmore decked out for Christmas, and we are so excited!!


I mean, look at this! How could you not be?


Our anticipated visit to the Biltmore has made our binge watching of the second season of The Crown evening more thrilling.


Have a wonderful weekend!





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