Happy Friday!

I didn’t think I could love this song any more, and then they added Beyoncé.


Loving the warmth in this bright and airy kitchen. Achieving lightness without coldness is not always easy.


Still have some Christmas shopping to do? Check out our kitchen lovers and all things cozy gift guides if you need some inspiration.


We’re decorating cookies this weekend, and my execution in the decorating department usually leaves a bit to be desired. While they’re not bad, I’m determined to step up my game, using this as inspiration.


Also, a video on how to decorate cookies like a boss.


Have you heard of theSkimm? A friend made it sound so interesting. Looking forward to signing up for their daily news updates.


This easy, healthyish recipe for dark chocolate nut clusters with sea salt would make a good gift (or snack).


A pretty, feminine sweater for holiday parties.


We’re looking forward to hosting our Christmas party and visiting the holiday market this weekend.


While I love our holiday market, I dream of visiting one that looks like this!


I hope you have a great weekend too!




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