Happy Friday!


We are gearing up for Thanksgiving over here, and are loving this guide to hosting a perfect Friendsgiving.


Speaking of designing for Thanksgiving, Park and Oak Design nailed it!


In order to gear up for the holidays, check out Becki Owen’s eight tips for styling your kitchen.


I am obsessed with everything Old Home Love is doing with this house right now. Pssst… you can #winthishouse.


The amount of coordination and skill this takes blows my mind.


We all need safe islands. Love all of Mari’s work.


We just got all our products in from The Laundress. For now, I can’t get over how much this actually smells like a baby, but stay tuned for our reviews. We are overly excited to use the products!


Ann Street Studio can do no wrong, even though I definitely thought she was going to run off of the cliff in this beautiful video.


Have a great weekend!






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