Happy Friday!

Our home was recently featured on Home Love Network (run by the creator’s of Old Home Love), and they are actually launching a new show that you can watch here!


The details in this bathroom designed by Jessica Helgerson are already incredible, and it’s not even finished. Reason number 8,928 we love Jessica Helgerson.


Did you catch our most recent post in our Perfect Pairing series where we pair rooms from different spaces together that could live under the same roof? Amber has written the last two and nailed both.


I know it’s early, but I love the tradition of seeing a great movie over the holidays and this hilarious trailer has me all kinds of excited!


This image makes me feel like I need to start saving for a return trip to Southeast Asia.


As an introvert and millennial, I totally relate to this. A phone call simply doesn’t give me the time I need to digest information to formulate a thorough answer.


If you do have to hang out with people (haha), then this article about 14 things to do with friends is great.


Yesterday was my first official day of Fall Break! Hooray for rest, relaxation, and my fall break read!




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