Happy Friday!

Amber hasn’t even started dot journaling yet, and she has me debating taking it up myself because she has yet to stop talking about it. She ordered this journal and can’t wait to get it in the mail.


Every now and then, I stumble upon an image I simply cannot get out of my mind. This particular image has been on my mind all week.


Furbish Studio is having a pop-up shop with William McClure’s artwork. I wish we could buy them all. This one is my favorite.


Speaking of William McClure, we love his apartment and love following his Instagram.


Want to smell the Big Sur After Rain? I’ll take two, please.


I am a huge champion of celebrating the mundane in life and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. This article about this special cake embodies this so well.


It’s about time to start stocking up on immune essentials for the winter season, with this elderberry sumac syrup at the top of my list.


I have been so tired all week! Dreaming of spending my weekend in one of my favorite bedrooms.





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