Happy Friday!

As an introvert, I truly relate to this.


Speaking of introversion, I delved more into being an introvert, particularly as it relates to travel, in this Instagram post this week.


If only I could spend all my time in a large city and then come home to this.


Have any of you watched this show? We just finished Downton Abbey for the second time and are thinking of diving in.


Amber and I read this book before our trip to Cambodia a few years ago, and the devastating story (coming out as a movie on Netflix tomorrow) instantly captivated us.


Although the film looks heartbreaking, it definitely places on my must watch list. I’m sensing a movie night this weekend.


On a much lighter note, I’m just going to leave this before and after here for you to stare at.


We hear great things about this company and can’t wait to try out the new pillows we recently ordered.



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