Happy Friday!


Hope you all have had a wonderful week! This week, we learned of a monkey who has been loose in our neighborhood. It’s all pretty hysterical, especially given the fact that his name is “Pretty Boy Floyd.”


Given all that has gone on in the news recently, I love the new Brené Brown talk on blaming. So relevant and timely!


Have you tried The Laundress? We are super curious about how well this eco-friendly and beautifully packaged line of detergent and fabric care works.


Considering I am always leaving pens in my pockets, I am seriously considering getting some of this stain remover, which is 20% right now for those of you in the market.


We recently watched Gifted, and I absolutely loved the movie. I found the characters to be so believable. In a story that could have gone really sad most of the time, it felt very uplifting and not at all like the writers just through one sad thing after the next in the plot for no reason.


We have been dreaming about vacationing in Italy and Puglia certainly looks like an amazing place.


Starting this book about refugees with excitement and high hopes!


Speaking of books, we definitely already pre-ordered this design book by Gil Schafer. He really does incredible, timeless work.


A friend of ours recently used this candle on a birthday cake and it was so much fun!


Anything you found or read this week that stuck out to you? I hope you all enjoy the weekend! One more week until Labor Day weekend!


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