Gifts for Gardeners

A beautiful vase to display their lovingly cared for flowers. Francis Palmer is my absolute favorite to dream over. Jill Rosenwald and Sheldon Ceramics are other favorites.


Some handy pruners for all their snipping needs. These Japanese shears are as beautiful as they are practical.


A simple apron for stashing tools and other odds and ends.


A charming miniature door to add some whimsy to their fairy garden. It would be great paired with this.


Reliable work boots for mucking about. There’s also the beloved Hunter boots.


A notebook for sketching, record keeping, and scheming.


A string caddy to make tying bundles and garden supports a little easier and more aesthetically pleasing.


A wire cloche for keeping out unwanted garden visitors.


The most inspiring and informative book for all of their flower growing needs.


A sturdy basket for collecting flowers, veggies, or any other bounty of the day. It also makes for a nice vessel to present their other gifts.


Repair salve for those inevitable bug bites and scrapes.


A bulb planter with a handy soil release to ensure beauty come spring.

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