Gift Guide: For Those Who Love Being in the Kitchen

Goldtouch Bakeware from Williams Sonoma. This stuff is magic. It never sticks and bakes things so golden and evenly. You could get the whole 6-piece set or a single item.


Chef’s Towel Set from Snowe Home. A kitchen towel that doubles as a half apron. Comes in tan, grey, navy, black or red.


Acacia 3-Piece Serving Set. To beautifully display and serve salad and to make keeping those New Year’s resolutions a little easier and more beautiful for your loved ones.


Linen Table Cloth. Because winter is the time for cozy dinner parties and because this has the loveliest subtle stripe pattern.


Poachpods. I’m not much for unitaskers, but poaching eggs, especially for a crowd, is not always the easiest task. This would make that certain poached egg lover’s life much easier.


Linen Kitchen Towel. A lovely small gift that adds both texture and function. This is also a great stocking stuffer.


Drink Essentials Set. For water, cocktails, tea, etc. You’ll also be giving the gift of minimal maintenance because this set is dishwasher safe!


Market Cooking by David Tanis. To offer inspiration through beautiful images and straightforward recipes. For those in your life who love trying new veggies from the market, this would be a great tool.


A Double Oven Mitt. Because I know few frequent cooks who don’t have at least one burn battle wound on their forearms. What could be better than an oven mitt that protects against this while looking beautiful on the counter? This is also a lovely mitt.


A Good Bottle of Olive Oil and/or Vinegar. Apparently olive oil is the new wine of hostess gifts. I love stopping in our local oil and vinegar shop this time of year to pick out tasty varieties to give away over the season.

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