Dining Room Madness

You may remember us deciding whether or not to paint our dining room trim and that we eventually did to decide to paint and shared why. Though we like our current dining room and it certainly is not a bad space to be in, we do feel that it is time for a bit of an upgrade now that we are settled into our house a bit more and see what it needs.

Though we love a beautiful white room, we have found our dining room to feel harsh and sterile in the evenings when we have friends and family join us for dinner.  We have also been leaning quite a bit more traditional (*gasp*) in our design recently. We are still waiting to share our guest bedroom and bathroom with you and will hopefully be able to do so really soon, but you will definitely see a more traditional yet fresh design style in those two spaces. We love our 1940 home, and want this added on space to feel more integrated with the feel of the original home. Though the trim will be painted white, the craftsmanship and details are really what will tie this space in with the rest of the house.

Because we are gluttons for punishment and can’t seem to keep our word that we won’t take on another project in our home immediately following another, we have decided to go ahead and do a fairly major overhaul of the dining room space. Before diving into the to-do list, here is what is staying.


What is staying:


-Our beautiful dining room table and bench from Vermont Farm Table

-Our piano

-Our two rugs

-Our hutch

-Our curtain rod


As far as all the things we plan to do:


-Change lighting over the dining table

-Hang wallpaper (I know it’s not for everyone, but we love it)

-Install new trim in both the dining room and side foyer. Trim will include brand new trim around every window and door, new baseboards, new wall trim, and even a new exterior door.

-Paint and reupholster new dining chairs ourselves (stay tuned for more on this project)

-Bolder curtains

-New lamps and styling on the piano

-Possibly paint our hutch

-Different art


HERE IS THE CATCH! We actually, in an ideal world, need this completed by Thanksgiving. Not only are we hosting both mine and Amber’s families for Thanksgiving this year, but will also have our house featured on a holiday home tour in early December and want to have it done for that. Are we crazy people to think that we can get all this done before Thanksgiving and both still work full time jobs? Probably but we will have to wait and see! We are going to try to share more behind the scenes moments and the process for this renovation (something I am not great at and a personal goal of mine), so stay tuned!










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  • I can’t wait to see final pics! did you find that the white beams reflect more light? I’m trying to figure out if I should paint my own wood ceiling, it’s in a room that gets low light. I’d hate to make this change though if it doesn’t have much payoff.

    • Hi, Amy. We did find that painting the beams reflects so much more light. It’s kind of amazing how much brighter the room feels throughout the day.