To Grandmother’s House We Go

This summer, Amber and I asked my grandmother if we could photograph her beautiful home. I have always loved her home and have created so many wonderful memories there over the years and felt the photos would be something our family could always cherish. Any interior we have the option to bring to life through our styling and photography is special, but this particular project obviously has a special place in our hearts. There is something about capturing a space you spend/have spent a lot of time in that makes you see it in a new light. Having spent so much time in this house growing up, it was amazing to step back and notice all of the timeless and truly special design elements that make it as beautiful today as it was when originally designed.

My grandmother brought on a designer who grew up in the same small town to take on the project of designing and renovating this midcentury ranch home in the 1950’s and has lived there since. Though she has of course added her own touch through the years (artwork, photos, etc.), the vast majority of the home remains the same from its first design. Talk about a testament to classic design!


There is something about a midcentury ranch home that I love! I have always loved the feel of a single story home and the way the home develops as you meander through it. When driving around and looking at homes, one of our favorite hobbies, I tend to always label this type of home as “the perfect grandparents house.” Coincidence?

Living Room

For my grandmother’s home, we chose to style minimally and primarily keep things as they were. Perhaps my favorite part of the home is how layered and collected everything feels. It is obvious that this home is a family home and holds lots of memories created over many years. The antiques, timeless furniture, contemporary art, and family photos all mix effortlessly to form a one-of-a-kind space.

Breakfast Room

How about that bold red table? And can I steal that chandelier for our home!?

Dining Room

The Christopher Neimann painting of the Tour de France race passing through Paris is my favorite piece of art in the home. Also, the traditional dining table mixes beautifully with the caned chairs upholstered in vibrant warm tones. My whole life, we have always spent Christmas Eve dinner with family gathered around this table.

Bedroom One

Who knew florals and gingham would be just as popular in 2019 as they were in the 1950’s? I also love the green wallpaper, subtle blue ceilings, and botanical prints used as art. Understandably so, the classic silhouettes of the beds seem to be a favorite among all the family members who have already seen these photos. I love the bold, unapologetic use of color and pattern found throughout the house.

Bedroom Two

Though blue carpet is not something I would probably put in my own home, it really works here when pulled together with a cohesive design scheme. This room has a bit of a New England vibe. I would love to have been in the designers mind when the blue carpet was selected.

Master Bedroom

More elegant floral curtains and subtle wallpaper. What’s not to love? These twisted wooden candlesticks are some of my favorite accessories found in my grandmother’s home.

Kids’ Bathroom

While it would certainly be hard to choose, I believe this bathroom is my favorite room in the house! I love it all. The old floral wallpaper is so fun, especially imagining my dad, aunt, and uncle getting ready for school here. The pendant light is stunning and feels very much the same as some lights we are seeing emerge now. Among my favorite things in this space are the sherbet striped bench cushion, the white, streamlined hardware, the green piping detail on the cabinets, and even the blue trash can. Because one list isn’t enough, I also love the sage green floor tile, the pineapple towel holder, the built-in toothbrush holder, and floral hand towels. This room has so many functional treasures that are just not found any more and definitely highlights the height of American manufacturing in the 1950’s, where the elements have truly stood the test of time. While I have already mentioned the built-in toothbrush/soap holder, the bathroom also has a wall pull-out with a scale, a built-in, extendable clothing rod to hang wet clothes in the shower, a pull-out shelf for children to stand on in order to reach the sink, and a toe tester to test the temperature of the water coming our of the bathtub faucet to make sure it is to your liking before you turn on the shower. How cool is that!?

I could go on and on about my grandmother’s beautiful home, but a picture truly is worth a thousand words. This project was one of our very favorites to use our photography and styling skills to help bring this meaningful space to life for family, friends, and all of you for years to come! Thank you, DeDe for allowing us to capture a space you have so carefully curated and loved for many years!

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